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Cities lead the way to healthy, productive lives

Providing leaders with proven policies can spur changes that make cities great places to live, work, and do business.

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CityHealth is a bold, national policy effort with its roots in evidence and its eyes on change.

We’ve got nine proven policies that boost people’s well-being and quality of life. And we’ve analyzed how our nation’s big cities are doing when it comes to getting these laws on the books.

Map of the United States with dots identifying each of the 40 CityHealth cities

Helping millions of people live longer, better lives.

To assemble our nine policy recommendations, we examined the literature, consulted the experts, and polled public opinion. Our policies were vetted by a Blue Ribbon panel from multiple sectors—and across the political spectrum.

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Our policies:
  • Are based on clear, scientific evidence

  • Are under the purview of municipalities

  • Can be addressed through policy change

  • Enjoy broad, bipartisan political support

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