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CityHealth, an initiative of the de Beaumont Foundation, provides leaders with a package of evidence-based policy solutions that will help millions of people live longer, better lives in vibrant, prosperous communities.

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What is CityHealth?

Who we are

CityHealth was conceived by the de Beaumont Foundation. Our findings are the result of the efforts, expertise, review, and breakthrough moments of clarity from many, many esteemed advisors.

The de Beaumont Foundation

Since 1998, the de Beaumont Foundation has worked to transform public health in the United States.

The de Beaumont Foundation’s mission is to strengthen and transform public health in the United States. The Foundation improves the effectiveness and capacity of local and state health departments through research, collaboration, and strategic grantmaking. CityHealth is an expression of the Foundation’s view that policy is among the most important tools available to local and state governments to improve the health of their communities. It is part of our efforts to help public health agencies catalyze change, lead action, and engage partners so they can save lives and make communities healthier.

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Core Staff

Shelley Hearne, DrPH

Principal Investigator

Dr. Hearne provides strategic oversight and direction for CityHealth’s big picture—from research design and analysis to partner and policymaker outreach.

Shelley has spent over three decades as a change maker bent on boosting the health, safety, and sustainability of our planet and the people on it. She works with foundations, policy-makers, the private and non-profit sectors to tackle some of the thorniest health and environmental issues of the day: from finding solutions in urban health policy to reducing exposure to toxic chemicals in our everyday lives.

Catherine Patterson, MPP

Program Director

Catherine Patterson provides day-to-day management and operational support for CityHealth.

From working closely with municipal leaders, to putting the finishing touches on public facing products, Catherine plays a pivotal role in ensuring that CityHealth meets its goal of helping all city residents thrive. With a background in policy analysis and partnership building, Catherine brings a passion for evidence-based decision making and an appreciation for the many factors that impact health and wellness.

Katie Keith, JD, MPH

Local Campaign Director

Katie Keith oversees CityHealth’s efforts to catalyze policy change in communities across the country.

Katie is an experienced attorney and advocate who has long worked closely with federal, state, and local officials in adopting policies that make a difference—from health care to LGBT equality. Her work includes an emphasis on meeting the needs of underserved communities, building winning partnerships, and putting in place policies that work. Track her latest health care insights on the Health Affairs Blog.


Chair, CityHealth Advisory Panel

UCLA Fielding School of Public Health


Director of Public Sector Innovation

Living Cities


Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce


Oklahoma City


Chief Community Health Officer and Senior Vice President

Community Health and Benefit for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals


Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

CVS Health


Dean Emeritus

Drexel University Dornsife School of Public Health



Livable Communities, AARP

Our Partners

CityHealth consulted a wide variety of experts for advice and counsel, especially in setting policy scoring criteria and reviewing city ratings. However, their participation does not constitute an endorsement of our policies or findings.

A Better Balance

American Heart Association

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Change Lab Solutions

Los Angeles Department of Public Health/Environmental Health

National Institute for Early Education Research

National Partnership for Women and Families

Smart Growth America

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